Perfect for stapling

Nagel staplers for high flexibility

Simple. Fast. Precise.

Nagel staplers leave nothing to be desired in daily office use. The staplers, both manual and electric, are robust and durable. Flat or saddle stapling, standard or loop staples, small or large volumes and changing formats - Nagel staplers stand out by their versatility.

Multinak FS

Value added professional finishing

The Multinak twin-headed staplers allow the efficient production of jobs requiring frequent change-over between flat and saddle stapling. Versatile and durable, the machines are the industry standard for all types of commercial and inplant applications. The Mutlinak FS is a treadle version and operation is done smoothly by pressing the pedal.

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Multinak S

Twin-headed stapler with electric drive

The difference between the Multinak S and the Multinak FS is just the drive. The Mutinak S has an electric drive, but can also have a foot pedal easy to use. Her two stitching heads can be adjusted with a distance of 80 mm to 155 mm.

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Flexible stapling of brochures and pads

The Rinak electric stapler is excellently suited for sophisticated stapling jobs in offices, schools, copy shops and printing houses. The simple handling and easy changeover from flat to saddle stapling are indispensable features for a device designed for multiple users. The Rinak produces perfect presentation material quickly and efficiently, even in small volumes.

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Rinak Duo

Two staples in one pass

The Rinak Duo is the perfect choice for users who want to staple documents with two staples in one pass. It consists of two combined Rinak staplers. The unit is very operator friendly and also uses loop staples to produce booklets that can be filed.

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Flat stapling - manually

The Enak 50-200 is especially suitable for manual pad stapling of smaller volumes. Its high-quality workmanship makes the stapler a reliable and durable tool. The Enak is designed for heavy duty and can staple pads of up to 17 mm (170 sheets). Different materials like paper, cardboard, leather, textiles and synthetic materials can be processed without any problems.

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Tak 18

Flat stapling - electrically

With its powerful electric motor and foot switch, the electric pad stapler Tak 18 is designed specially for thick pads. Pads of up to 14 mm (140 sheets) can be stapled easily and precisely. The robust stapling head ensures a fast and reliable stapling of sophisticated material. The back stop is infinitely variable and permits a fast and flexible format change.

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Quality down to the smallest detail

Perfect stapling round off the overall impression of your booklet. All Nagel staples, whether standard or loop, have uniformly bevelled, sharp tips that effortlessly penetrate cardboard, leather, textiles, plastics and wood. The tips guarantee a precise position of the staples and thereby a solid and uniform booklet.

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