Perfect for stapling

Nagel staplers for high flexibility

Nagel Staples

Quality down to the smallest detail

The range of staples satisfies any printing need in five different wire gauges from 0.4 mm to 1.1 mm and a paper pile thickness up to 270 sheets / 80 gsm.

Perfect stapling rounds off the overall impression of your booklet. All Nagel staples, wether standard or loop, have unifomly bevelled, sharp tips that effortlessly penetrate cardbord, leather, textiles, plastics and wood.

The tips guarantee a precise position of the staples and thereby a solid and uniform booklet. The special glue ensures a good adhesion and reduces wear on the stapling head.

The original Nagel loop staples enable booklets and brochures to be filed in ring binders without prior punching or drilling. Filed brochures can be opened perfectly flat without hurting the paper.

In order to meet the requirements of the various digital paper qualities Nagel launched Digital Staples, which guarantee a trouble-free production and an accurate stapling result. These staples are of superior quality and can be used for all kinds of paper in particular when digital prints need to be processed to booklets.

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