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Nagel drilling machines for paper stacks

Citoborma 490

Robust and extremely precise even under heavy duty, the Citoborma 490 performs like a professional paper drill. This easy-to-use machine for up to 6 drill heads comes with a wide range of standard functions.

For special requirements and sensitive substrates, the Citoborma 490 offers special drill heads, variable drilling and table lifting speed, drill bit cooling and lubrication and many other extras.

  • 1–6 drill heads, for drill bit diameters from 2-35 mm

  • Throat depth of up to 270 mm permits drilling of two A4 sheets (one A3 sheet) in a single pass

  • Easy drill head and drill bit replacement to reduce set-up time 

Drill heads for standard and special applications

Drill head 45

Hole spacing: min. 45 mm



Drill head 32

Hole spacing: min. 32 mm



Filofax - 3 spindle

3 spindle head; hole spacing: 19 mm fix



Trio - 2 spindle

Hole spacing: 21 mm fix



Filofax - 6 spindle

Hole spacing: 19 mm fix



Drill head 125

For paper drill bits; hole spacing: 15-35 mm



Drill bit lubrication with cooling system (optional)

Ensures a gentle processing of sensitive material. Heat build-up is reduced to a minimum to prevent material from sticking together.

Infinitely variable drilling speed and table lifting (optional)

Ensures a gentle processing of sensitive materials.