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Nagel drilling machines for paper stacks

Citoborma 290 AB

Precision for professional applications

The Citoborma 90 1- and 2-spindle drilling machines are designed for easy and convenient handling. All models have a powerful motor and are suitable for professional use.

The unique FlexoDrill° sliding table has a centre register and is suitable for both standard and large formats. Six pre-set hole patterns can be selected in a matter of seconds. The excellent design of this line of products permits convenient and time-saving work while ensuring an extremely precise drilling performance.

For large volumes or sensitive substrates, we reccommend the Citoborma 290 AB with automatic lifting gear. The drilling stroke is activated by means of a foot switch, which permits fast and easy working and maintains a constant drilling speed. 


Optional drill bit cooling

ensures a gentle processing of sensitive materials.



Drill bit sharpener

for quick on-site resharpening.